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Automatic pool covers AquaTop

The AquaTop automatic lamella cover is elegantly integrated into the pool structure and meets the highest demands on aesthetics. AquaTop offers the most extesive range of slats on the European market. It offers high quality, meets high safety standards and is environmentally friendly.


To ensure T&A quality, we test our raw materials and sub-assemblies before starting production and all finished products have passed by the experienced eye of our quality controllers before installation. T&A products are effective and environmentally friendly.

Energy saving

The insulating effect of this cover will make a considerable difference as far as maintaining a constant temperature is concerned. Water evaporation can be countered and heat losses through conduction will be minimized thanks to the excellent insulating characteristics of our extruded PVC en PC slats. These factors combined will reduce the total heat loss by more than 80%.

Safety and warranty

Lamella cover AquaTop offers higher safety for your whole family. You can choose your safety features using additive locks and supportive handles. The cover meets all European safety standards. We provide 3 year warranty. The product is always installed and maintained by our team of trained professionals.


The lamella cover uses a quality system that is suitable for both smaller private pools and larger public pools. Everything is designed to represent simple technical controls such as:

  • Mechanism made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316L
  • 24V electric drive or hydraulic engine
  • User-friendly blind control with LCD display
  • Service mode
  • Remote control

Lamella profile

The lamella cover offers two types of different lamellas, the standard profile 60x14mm with 3 closed air chambers and the premium profile 67,5×16,5mm with 4 closed air chambers. The stadard profile is available in PVC and PC, the wider profile only exist in polycarbonate version.

By choosing from up to nine available colors, the cover integrates perfecly into the environment of your garden.

Insulation values and lifespan

Lamella covers are more resistant to UV radiation, which leads to higher lifespan of the lamellas. The polycarbonate lamella is much more durable than PVC lamellas, because the strength of the profile wall is directly related to its durability.  Insulation values, that determine to a large extent the shape stuffness and impact the strength are: 

  • Standard profile 60x14mm : U = 4,55W/m²K
  • Premium profile 67,5×16,5 mm : U = 3,80W/m²K

Impact resistance

Polycarbonate slats are much more impact resistant than PVC slats. All lamellas are tested in Switzerland, where they test the impact resistance to a hail. AquaTop polycarbonate slats meet up to 100% hail resistance with up to 30mm.


Hollow or solid lamellas?

The lamellas are profiles with closed air chambers. The result is a higher buoyancy compared to silid profiles. In terms of insulation properties, both hollow and solid profiles are the same level. However if you opt for a hollow lamella you will be able to choose the solar version, which you will not find with solid lamellas.


All lamellas are sealed with end caps that are glued of untraconically welded. In the case of welded closures, expansion parts in different sizes are used to compensate for differences in pool width.


PVC profiles







PC profiles

Alu look



Anti Algae Alu look

Anti Algae Solar

Benefits of the
Premium Clean Profile

  • Mimimal growth of algae because of the blocking of sunlight in the hinge point
  • Increase of buoyancy by 25%
  • Safety enhancement
  • For new as well as replacement covers

Elegant Line

You like the automatic cover to be discretely integrated in your pool? Integrating the rollo cover mechanism into the back wall of your pool, makes it possible! The floor of the cover pit has a slope improving water
circulation preventing deposit of dirt. A panel in PVC or fiberglass hides the cover. 

Catalog of automatic lamella covers by T&A

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