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Safety tarpaulins


The ideal economical solution for year-round pool cover. The canvas tarpaulin has a special protective layer. It is available in various colours and also in a solar version.

It protects you and your pool all year round

The safety pool tarpaulin is reinforced with aluminium support tubes, which are firmly welded into the cover. The tarpaulin does not lie on the water surface but extends over the edge of the pool + 25 cm on each side. As a result, a thermo-insulating cushion is formed between the water surface and the tarpaulin, which prevents heat loss and water evaporation. In addition, the “SOLAR” model noticeably warms the pool water.

The tarpaulin is made of high-quality PVC film, the tarpaulin’s strength is achieved by using an internal reinforcing structure. It is anchored to a concrete floor. The tarpaulin has a safety anchorage on the short sides, on the side long sides it has anchorage, which is designed to secure the tarpaulin when the pool is out of season, in bad weather, etc. The tarpaulin is rolled up using a handle and then it stays rolled up at the edge of the pool. It is stretched using the front belt.

Example of using safety tarpaulin

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Demonstration of safety tarpaulins

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