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Pool stairs


Stairs are an important and dominant pool element, so it is necessary to make the correct decision. You can enrich the stairs with comfortable benches or massage jets to create a relaxation zone. Below you can find our offer for pool stairs, you can choose from corner stairs, which saves pool space, to stairs along the entire pool width. The step size is 300 mm, the bench size is 450 mm. We’ll design the height of the stairs individually according to the pool depth, so that the pool entrance is safe, easy and comfortable.

Across the width

Stairs are located along the entire length of the pool’s shorter wall. You can use them for comfortable access to the pool, relaxation and as a play area for the little ones.

Full width with a bench

Elegant and the most popular pool stairs type for customers. We recommend stairs for pools from 3 metres long. For greater comfort and convenience, it is possible to locate massage jets in your pool.

Square external

You can use the stairwell for sunbathing or relaxing. Placing stairs on the outside of the pool will ensure that the entire pool area remains available for swimming and other activities.

Rectangular in the corner

The smallest type of pool staircase is recommended more for smaller pools. Its size saves space and you can make full use of almost the entire pool area.


The impressive square staircase is designed to take up minimal space while allowing comfortable access to the pool.

Square with a bench

We recommend installing massage jets for this type of staircase. Making the bench a great place to rest and relax.


A modern and great design element that will add elegance to your pool. You’ll have plenty of space in the pool due to the stairs being in the corner of the pool.

Romanic with a bench

Your pool’s elegance can be underlined by the addition of massage jets. You’ll create a great relaxation zone for yourself or a play zone for your little ones with the bench.

Whatever you wish

For those who can’t decide, we’ll be happy to design an atypical pool staircase according to their requirements and wishes.


  • All stairs are supplied with a non-slip surface as standard!
  • The staircase can be supplemented with handrails. 
  • For smaller pools, we recommend placing the stairs in the corner – saving space or choosing an outside staircase option. Stairs can be supplied with any pool shape and placed differently around the pool perimeter.
  • All stairs are equipped with reinforcing supports, the stairs must always have concrete underneath them!
  • At the customer’s request, we also produce an atypical staircase.

Configure your pool

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