We are MACEK a SYN, s.r.o.

A Czech family company engaged in custom manufacturing and installation of polypropylene pools and roofing.

We have had involvement in pools since 1995


We produce two basic pool designs – a skimmer and with an overflow grate.

Pool cover

We offer several options regarding covers, including safety tarpaulins and lamella covers.

Swimming pool accessories

We supply spare parts for existing swimming pool equipment, we provide service repairs, and we also supply all pool accessories.

Heating (heat pumps, exchangers, electric heaters, solar collectors)

Lighting (halogen, LED)

Counter Currents

Water treatment (salt water equipment, equipment with automatic pH and chlorine regulation, UV lamps, dosing pumps, pool chemicals)

Spare parts for existing equipment, service repairs, installation of pool accessories, etc.

Pool cover (safety tarpaulins, lamella cover, sliding roof)

Waterproof technical shafts

Demonstration of pool construction

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