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MACEK A SYN s.r.o. manufacture two basic pool designs to order – a skimmer and with an overflow grate.

Skimmer pools

The pool is equipped with one or more skimmers, that your pool water flows through. From the skimmer, a circulation pump leads the water to the filter, whereby the water is blown back into the pool by suction nozzles after cleaning.

Pools with an overflow grate

The water from the pool flows over the overflow grate (edge of the pool) and flows into the accumulation buffer tank, which contains a sufficient amount of water to re-balance the pool water level.

Pool stairs

We offer various types of pool stairs according to the customer’s wishes.

Pool shapes

We produce swimming pools in basic rectangular and oval designs. We also offer circular pools.


For our pool production, we generally use polypropylene boards with a wall thickness of 10 mm from the proven supplier Röchling Planá nad Lužnicí, with a 5-year warranty for all defects. We supply pools in white, light blue, light grey and anthracite.

Pool depth

We supply pools in various depths according to our customer’s wishes.

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Pool accessories

We supply spare parts for existing pool equipment, we provide service repairs and we supply all pool accessories.

Heating (heat pumps, exchangers, electric heaters, solar collectors)

Lighting (halogen, LED)

Counter Currents

Water treatment (salt water equipment, equipment with automatic pH and chlorine regulation, UV lamps, dosing pumps, pool chemicals)

Spare parts for existing equipment, service repairs, installation of pool accessories, etc.

Pool cover (safety tarpaulins, lamella cover, sliding roof)

Waterproof technical shafts

Configure your pool

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