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Safety cover details

The ideal economical solution for year-round pool cover. The cover is made from canvas with a special protective layer. It’s available in many colours and there is also a solar version.

It protects you and your pool all-year round

The Safety Pool Cover is reinforced with aluminium support tubes firmly welded into the canvas. The cover doesn’t lay on the water surface but extends over the edge of the pool +25 cm on each side. As a result, a thermal insulation cushion is formed between the water surface and the cover, which prevents heat loss and water evaporation. In addition, the SOLAR model noticeably heats the pool water.

The cover is made from high-quality PVC vinyl, the cover’s strength is achieved using an internal reinforced structure.
It’s anchored to a concrete floor. There is a safety anchor on the front short sides, it has an anchor intended to secure the cover outside the bathing season, in bad weather, etc. on the side long sides.

The cover is rolled-up using a manual winding handle, it remains rolled-up at the edge of the pool. It’s unrolled using the front belt.



  • Bubble solar cover foil
  • Winter cover
  • All other safety systems (fences, shelters, detectors and immersion alarms, etc.)



Its concept and especially the effective sealing around the edges ensure that your pool stays clean at all times both in the summer and winter.

The cover’s functionality



The Safety Pool Cover is designed to protect you, your children and pets from falling into the pool all-year round. It’s assessed in terms of the carrying capacity of a random load, i.e. an adult weighing 85 kg and an even load with snow cover up to 15 cm. Its design using aluminium tubes with a 50 mm diameter and a wall thickness of 3 mm was assessed for the axial distance of the supporting structure 1500 mm for 4.0m, 5.0m and 6.0m wide pools. From a safety point of view, the cover is designed to protect against a sudden fall into the pool. However, it isn’t a walkable area.



The cover doesn’t lay on the water surface but extends over the edge of the pool +25 cm on each side. For this reason, a thermal insulation cushion is created between the water surface and the Safety Pool Cover to avoid heat loss during the night and ensure longer use of your pool. It also prevents pool water evaporation.


Special PVC foil

The vinyl we use in the production of the All-Year Safety Pool Cover is made from special PVC. High vinyl strength is achieved by using an internal reinforcing structure. It’s resistant to UV radiation.



  • We produce UNIVERSAL covers in the following colours: blue, green, grey and beige
  • We can also produce UNIVERSAL covers in complementary colours. Complementary colour swatch on request.
  • We produce the SOLAR cover only in a transparent (translucent) colour.



An essential part of the cover are 13 mm diameter holes placed in the vinyl between the tubes and serve to drain rainwater or melting snow. This prevents loads that could damage the cover’s supporting structure.


Aluminium support tubes

The Safety Pool Cover is reinforced with aluminium support tubes firmly welded into the vinyl. The cover rolls-up and unrolls, including the tubes. The base tubes (first and last tube) lay on the edges of the pool. A safety anchor is attached to these base tubes and the means for rolling is always placed on one of these tubes. The placement of tubes is individual on each cover, but a maximum of 1,550 mm.

We also offer aluminium support tubes with a silver anodised finish (anodising is an aluminium finish that allows the tubes to retain their colour fastness for many years).

We offer support tubes for the UNIVERSAL cover:

  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium with silver anodized finish

For the SOLAR cover, we only offer aluminium support tubes with a silver anodised finish.



The Safety Pool Cover must be anchored to a concrete floor. We don’t recommend anchoring to unpaved bases (i.e. loosely laid paving on compacted base or concrete). In these cases, the cover wouldn’t be properly anchored and wouldn’t be able to perform a safety function, and the paving and the cover could move.

For example, if there is a lawn, pebbles (then it’s necessary to concrete pedestals at least 40 cm deep with a diameter of approx. 15 cm) or terrace boards around the pool, you should notify us and we’ll recommend possible modifications to the pool area or anchorage itself.

Each delivery includes 2 types of anchors for fixing to the concrete pavement:



Straps with galvanised steel shackles and stainless-steel fasteners for easy and quick anchoring located on the base tubes at the front of the cover. Here, pins are used with a semi-circular head and reinforced with a movable insert.



Side rubber clamps located between the support tubes along the cover’s entire length (ideal for fastening in winter, in bad weather or prolonged non-use of the pool). Pins with a semi-circular head without an insert are used for fastening.


Rolling and unrolling the cover



There are means for rolling in one of the two base tubes to which the handle is attached. Subsequently, the cover begins to roll-up, including the support tubes.
The cover remains lying in a roll behind the pool after rolling. It’s always necessary to think about which side the cover will be rolled to. We recommend rolling the cover away from the stairs, ladder, etc., so that it doesn’t stand in the way of entering the pool in a rolled-up state.

Only one person can roll the Safety Pool Cover in 2-3 minutes using a manual winding handle with a 4/1 reduction gear (recommended) or an automatic COOL handle with a motor drive. We also offer a manual winding wheel for partially recessed or above-ground walled pools over 0.5 m.

We recommend – The manual winding handle with 4/1 reduction gear is suitable for Safety Pool Covers up to 55 m2.

The automatic COOL winding handle consists of a high-performance motor, a permanently connected remote control and an integrated battery. Once attached to the cover, all you have to do is press a button on the remote control and the automatic COOL handle effortlessly rolls the cover. When the cover is fully rolled-up, the return function allows you to easily release the handle from the cover.

The automatic COOL winding handle is a practical replacement for a manual winding handle. The means for rolling is the same for both manual and automatic winding handle and can therefore be used on existing Safety Pool Covers.



The unrolling strap is one time the length of the cover. When rolling, the cover is rolled up including this strap. To unroll, grab the remaining strap, walk around the pool, and pull the strap toward you to begin to unroll the cover. It’s necessary to anchor the cover to the safety anchor in the front sides after unrolling.



The All-Year Safety Pool Cover requires occasional cleaning with a garden hose. The entire pool cover and its accessories must be checked twice a year (e.g. when cleaning the cover). Additional checks are necessary if the cover’s safety function has been activated or after a period of stress under extreme conditions (thunderstorm, heavy snow, etc.). After performing these various checks, it’s absolutely necessary to replace any damaged items. As the All-Year Safety Pool Cover can be completely dismantled and repaired, don’t hesitate and immediately replace any components that show any kind of defect or wear. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All spare parts must be delivered by TERMOBAZÉNY s.r.o. so that your cover corresponds to the original specification, the warranty isn’t void and the cover is still in accordance with the relevant standard.

Take all necessary measures to prevent small children from accessing the pool until the cover is repaired or when checking for defects that prevent the pool from being covered and secured.


Special specifications for the winter season

The All-Year Safety Pool Cover is intended for year-round pool covering, but it’s necessary to follow a few rules below:

If more than 15 cm of snow falls, it’s necessary to remove the snow from the cover. It’s absolutely necessary that the side tensioners and their pins located between the tubes along their entire length be fixed to the paving on the concrete base plate to prevent any movement or lifting of the cover caused by wind. During heavy rain, be sure to remove any deposits formed on the holes (between the integrated tubes) for the drained rainwater to prevent them from becoming clogged and creating puddles of water.

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